With the continuous evolution of the Vespa processings it became necessary to create specific crankcase that can accommodate thermal kits with larger dimensions, more powerful and with more displacement. Quattrini has therefore designed casings capable of responding to this request, giving life to the Quattrini C1 casings.
The Quattrini crankcases are much more robust than the original Piaggio. They have greater widths in the crank chamber to accommodate shafts of greater size and weight.
For these crankcases, it is necessary to use specific crankshafts, of different dimensions from those for Piaggio crankcases. They have been designed to accommodate crankshafts with diamter up to 87mm without the need for further boring. The cylinder inlet is also wider (65mm instead of 62) to accommodate cylinders with wide shirts (m1l-60, m1L-R53 etc.).

The wheelbase of the cylinder studs is the same as the original Piaggio. With the Quattrini crankcase it is also possible to mount 3.50-10 (3.50 / 10) tires without modifications. There is also the useful seat to house the water pump if you plan to mount a liquid-cooled thermal kit. Quattrini also produces liquid kits available, however, only on request and not on our platform.
Another useful change compared to the original crankcase is the design of the cooling duct snail, specially designed to allow the assembly of expansions that run around the shock absorber such as the various Quattrini M3XC, M3R, M3-200 expansions and others. Another very useful modification is the double sealing o-ring on the gear selector, so as to vaccinate the Quattrini housings from the annoying leaks typical of worn Piaggio crankcases.

The size of the bearings for the crankshaft is 25-52-15, code 6205. It is necessary to use high quality bearings, preferably in C4 tolerance such as those available on our e-commerce.
Also essential are the oil seals with special treatment supplied by Quattrini and also available on our platform. They are different from the viton oil seals normally on the market.

Carter for vespa smallframe (50 special / r / l / n, pk, s, xl, pv, 125 primavera / et3, 50ss / 90ss).

Quattrini products have always been synonymous with precision in construction and reliability, if treated as they deserve. For those who know Max, he knows that in his work he puts a constant commitment to continually renew himself to offer products that are always at the forefront using the best technologies on the market. The results are fantastic on the eye even before they are on the road. The performances are very high and all Vespa tuning enthusiasts can recognize them by now.
All Max Quattrini cylinders, like this one and almost all the kits sold on our site, can only be used on the track and never on the road if not properly approved.

Other Quattrini products for smallframe vespa are:

M1B D60 GTR (144cc naturally aspirated)
M1B D56 GTR (125cc naturally aspirated)
M1L D60 GTR (144cc reed valve to cylinder)
M1L D56 GTR (125cc reed valve to cylinder)
M1L D60 R53 (150cc reed valve to cylinder only for c1 Quattrini crankcase)
M200 (200cc reed valve to cylinder only for c200 Quattrini crankcase)

with the QUATTRINI C1 crankcases is recommended to purchase the following items:


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