Aluminum cylinder and barrel with nikasil coating. 60mm bore, 51mm stroke, 5 ports, single ring, 32 diameter boostered exhaust, 56mm exhaust stud center distance, piston with graphite coating.

The kit includes everything needed to assemble the thermal unit, including instructions. It is recommended to widen the hole in the frame for the passage of the intake manifold by about 1.5 cm on the diameter. Compared to the previous versions, it has several features such as: different timing and finishing of the head plane, different discharge height and the presence of boosters (which are missing in previous versions). It can be mounted both on original casings (without the need to level the top) and on c1 crankcase.

Cylinder born on the track but excellent for road use.

Insertion to the crankcase: at the discretion you can keep the valve or opt for a reed valve.

Kit for vespa smallframe (50 special / r / l / n, pk, s, xl, pv, 125 primavera / et3, 50ss / 90ss).

Quattrini products have always been synonymous with precision in construction and reliability, if treated as they deserve. For those who know Max, he knows that in his work he puts a constant commitment to continually renew himself to offer products that are always at the forefront using the best technologies on the market. The results are fantastic on the eye even before they are on the road. The performances are very high and all Vespa tuning enthusiasts can recognize them by now.
All Max Quattrini cylinders, like this one and almost all the kits sold on our site, can only be used on the track and never on the road if not properly approved.

The piston stroke is the same as the original Piaggio used for the 125 smallframe engines but it is not recommended to use the original crankshaft. With this kit it is possible to maintain the original intake to the crankcase which uses the timing of the crankshaft diameter to carry out the intake of the mixture. It is essential to mount a larger carburetor (30 vhsh from the garden is recommended) or at least carefully adjust the carburetion.

This and other Quattrini cylinders for smallframe vespa are:
M1B D60 GTR (144cc naturally aspirated)
M1B D56 GTR (125cc naturally aspirated)
M1L D60 GTR (144cc reed valve to cylinder)
M1L D56 GTR (125cc reed valve to cylinder)
M1L D60 R53 (150cc reed valve to cylinder only for c1 Quattrini crankcase)
M200 (200cc reed valve to cylinder only for c200 Quattrini crankcase)

for the assembly of this kit it is recommended to purchase the following items:


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