Special silentblock kit for small vespa made entirely of billet ERGAL. Rubber of the highest quality and calculated density.

In order for the play of the engine block to be reduced to a minimum it is necessary to preload the silent blocks with a greater interlocking to the block both outside and in thickness.However, this would result in the internal axle not being coupled, causing the internal pins to remain detached and making it difficult to insert the engine block on the frame.The specific thread in the center of the easy-to-use pins solves the problem.

Once the right and left pins have been inserted, simply screw the two ends using two 10mm Allen keys, inserting them in the special slot at the head of the pin and tighten until it stops.In this way you are sure that the pin length is correct and above all defined.

1mm washers are supplied with the kit to compensate for any differences in boring depth or to optimally center the pin.


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